Cracker Cards

Cracker Cards


Cracker Cards has been my opening ‘close up’ mentalism effect for many years… and for good reason!

  • Packs Small
  • Quick & To The Point
  • Easy To Follow
  • Works EVERY Time!

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Gareth Witty –

Chris Edwards –

The MANY reasons to love this effect:

– Works 100% Of The Time

– Instant Reset

– No Equivoke or Magician’s Choice

– Total Free Choice Of Any King

– Kicker Ending

– Marked! NO Memory Work Required

– Learn In Just Two Minutes

– 100% Plastic (PVC) – Built To Last


Feel free to read the instructions… I think you’ll love this as much as I do.

The effect is basic, yet strong when presented correctly…

Your spectator names a king (spades, hearts, clubs, or diamonds) and you prove to have predicted it ahead of time by showing it to be the only face-up card in the packet.

As a final kicker, you turn the card over to show it has a different back to the other 3.

Yep, that really is it!

It’s a very old effect that I have given the Night Flight Deck treatment to. They are marked for zero need to remember the orientation… you simply see it and spread it accordingly.

It makes for the perfect ‘snappy’ opener before you go into your more complicated routines 😀

Comes with the 4 Special PVC Cards, a plastic sleeve, and a link to the instructions that I have posted above.

(please note, this is not ‘Twisted Sisters’ or ‘B’Wave’ – They are similar effects but have different workings – Please see link above for the full instructions… you’ll know exactly what you’re getting!)

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Poker Size – Kings, Mini Size – Queens